Tuesday, June 10, 2008

DESIGN BUILDING, quantity demands

The Program of requirements hold the following functions and quantities:
  • 15 workplaces
  • 1 meetingroom
  • Information desk
  • 25 sleeping places
  • 12 single/double rooms
  • 5 powernap spaces
  • 1 basic refreshment room
  • 1 luxury bathroom
  • 2 toilets
  • Outdoor space
  • WIFI-connection
  • 1 commercial function (local cafĂ©)

DESIGN BUILDING, quality demands

To provide the DigiNomads the best in their needs the GlobeSpot should:
  • Embedded in a vibrant neighborhood
  • Low using costs
  • Well connected to public transport
  • Recognizable as a unity on local and global scale
  • It should trigger a local feeling
Most of this input is generated by the answers from the interviews and literature about the subject

DESIGN BUILDING, basic principle

In principle the DigiNomads accommodation should be a spot on the globe (GlobeSpot) that is recognizable and traceable for those on the move. It should offer a place to live, meet, share and move on again to the next GlobeSpot. It is the Inn of the future, not the save spot in between traveldestinations located in the middle of nowhere but the save place exactly on the point where live takes place. Connected to everything and everywhere, being a spider in de net instead of just a point of the network.