Friday, May 1, 2009

LIFE, When becomes a journey a long journey?

When becomes a journey a long journey?
This question gave interesting differences in both groups. For a DigiNomad a journey became long when a detachment of certainties took place. Some answers were:

• “A journey becomes long when you close up everything at home; and you don’t know where or when it will finish”
• ”High hassle factor, low connection with people”

When in the case of travellers, long journeys were measured distances/ time spans or dealt with a change of rhythms. An answer:

• “After about 4 weeks, because after that period daily routine really changes, things at work have to be taken over and housing/ administration etc. has to be arranged”

To prevent a DigiNomad from getting a feeling that he is making long journeys a feeling of recognition, meeting people and the certainty of some basic needs is essential

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