Friday, July 11, 2008

just a taught - COLLUMN

"What if I would use one basic collumn set up to construct the whole building? I would have a very simplified constructionscheme for many different situations and make is cheaper."

EXTERIOR impressions

This are some impressions of the exterior of the building. Because the building is not a very iconic building a multiple small corners are much more interresting than an overview. The first shows the slope towards the entrance, the second a sideview in which you can clearly see how the building dissapears between other buildings, the third a part of the topview and the fourth the entrance.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


The basic setup of the plans can be characterised in 5 steps:
  1. Long horizontal layed out lines with 3 m. distance from each other.
  2. Differentiation in distance between the walls with an underlaying grid of 0.75m x 0.75m.
  3. Three specified corridors, one for the hotels, one for the offices and one that connects both.
  4. Buildings surrounding the plot. One excisting and 4 new introduced.
  5. Introducing specific spaces with specific functions along the corridor.
The schemes do only represent the principle and not the final plans.

INTERIOR impressions

Here are three interior impressions of the Globe Spot. The first representing a part of one of the corridors, the second the cafe and the third the livingroom above the cafe.

SECTION middle corridor

In the section of the middle corridor it is clearly visible that the ground-floor differs in height, marking different sections in the long direction of the building. Also the two main functions, can be easily distinguished.

PLAN groundfloor

This is the plan of the groundfloor. Clearly visible are the lond walls and the different functions placed along them. On the right side we see the office functions and on the left side the hotel functions. In the middele they melt together by introducing a neighboorhood cafe. The entrance is on the top of the plan, just alongside the officeblock