Friday, May 1, 2009

LIFE, Localness vs. Globalness of the place

The feeling of locality and globality on a certain place keeps a hard to grasp notion. It is not only personal and cultural but also influenced by many different aspects are on a much larger scale. The questionnaire tried to touch this personal aspect. The questions linked the feeling of locality and globality to daily activities to trigger a conscious state of mind on a personal level. There are no obvious differences between Diginomads and travellers in their feeling about locality and globality. The feeling of locality has a strong link to the feeling of connectedness and feeling close to home.

• Meeting local people, eating local food
• Close to home base, if there are friends around.

A feeling of globality in contrary has more links to associations with things we consider global, with the unknown and a diversity of identities.

• Modern buildings
• No social contact, unknown language
• Different cultural backgrounds

The physical appearance of the global is connected to ‘modern buildings’. ‘Modern buildings’ covers a broad notion of architecture but can be condensed to a notion of disconnectedness. A global architecture is disconnected from its cultural environment. Some of these components can be deliberately staged with architectural interventions to trigger local and global atmospheres.

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