Friday, May 1, 2009

LIFE, intentions of the survey

In the process of writing the thesis and preparing for a design task I wanted to get to know the target group better and closer. While this group essence prevents me from finding them all together on one and the same physical space, new ways of tracking them down were needed. After exploring the internet I found places were DigiNomads of all sorts would meet up. They use forums, social internet-networks and even whole specialized nomad websites to communicate with each other regardless the immense distances they are apart. The three main reasons to start questioning the target group were:
  • To get in touch with the people I design for and write about
  • To test if my presumptions are right or wrong
  • To find new knowledge on the subject

It started as an open survey but eventually looked more like a a couple of interviews. I will mention interresting findings in the next posts.

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