Friday, May 1, 2009

LIFE, What is your place of birth, residence, now?

The intention of this group of questions was to see the difference in the experience of places and to map locations. The answers to the first question can be divided in, geographical places (Amsterdam, Tokyo), physical spaces (a train, the gym), functional places (at work) and mobile spaces. The DigiNomads all answered the question about residence with geographical spaces. Only one of them lived in the Netherlands. The travellers almost all lived in the Netherlands. The place of birth knows the same distribution as the place of residence. Only one time within the context of these questions someone referred to a physical space (on a train). This would imply that the experience of place is a geographical one. If we can’t refer to a geographical space a physical space is used instead. Naming functional spaces was never the case. Probably stimulated by the sequence of questions there was an emphasis on geographical places. If we compare it with the answers asked in the second part (Global vs. Local) regarding to place we see a much more dispersed image. For sure the meaning of a place is not as clear as one would presume at first.

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