Sunday, August 10, 2008

DESIGN URBANISM, quantity demands

The main focus of the urbanism plan is to create an area in which dwelling units find a natural cohesion with ateliers and workspaces. A building enviroment that within some regulation gives the possibility to people to create their own living- and workingspaces.

Some buildings that will have to disappear:
  • VZA blocks (verenigd ziekenvervoer Amstardam)
  • Temporal buildingtypes
Some functions that will have to disappear:
  • VZA, to much interference with future dwelling units
  • In the future the prison function, building can be reused
New buildings/functions
  • Buildingblocks along the Olympische gracht
  • Combined work/living units in the trainzone
  • Appartmentbuildings along the Schinkel
  • Tram garages for the trammuseum
  • The GlobeSpot
  • Cafe
  • Playground
  • Public Transport station
  • Water related function


The Urban Plan can be divided in parts
  • The part along the Olympische Gracht once planned as a part of 'Plan Zuid' and the Olympic Village.
  • The square just behind the Haarlemmermeerstation with the GlobeSpot, the Tram Museum and a play ground for children
  • The part that is now so typical because of its ateliers, garages and other temporal buildings
  • And the last part that opens up to the Schinkel
The emphasis is on the middle part where a good mix between ateliers, small businesses and dwellings should result in a vivid creative atmosphere.

DESIGN URBANISM, basic principle

The Urbanism Design finds its base within the area located on the back of the old Haarlemmermeerstation. This once was the train station connection Amsterdam to Haarlem and Leiden. In its periphery there is a piece of the city that we could describe as a splinter of the urban fabric. The image of empty garages and temporary small buildings is confronted with immense buildings like a tram garage and a prison. Within the smaller structure there is not only small businesses but also artists find their home. Despite its vivid use it is still a no go area. To change this it is important not only to esthetically change its appearance but also introduce more evening used facilities and public buildings.
Down here a foto of the area.