Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hotspot connectivity (first trail)

If we take the hotspots out of the former analysis of 'local connectivity' we get a list of 11 spots:

1) Sloterdijk

2) Amstelstation

3) Zuidas

4) Busstation Amstelveenseweg

5) Busstation Amstelveen

6) Station Bijlmer

7) Buikslotermeerplein

8) Admiraal de Ruijterweg

9) Central Station

10) Shoppinng area

11) Museumplein

If we take these spots and see were they have there main connections within the city of Amsterdam we get the following maps. (This is a first trail so not all spots are yet defined and the maps need more geographic detail)

The left picture is the network of 'Amstelstation' and on the right 'Busstation Amstelveen'. The left picture shows the wide spread network of Amstelstation, connecting to every other hotspot in the city and even to Shiphol. The picture of Busstation Amstelveen shows a more defined image: A strong vain towards the commercial city centre of Amsterdam and two focus points on Schiphol and the Bijlmer. Further there is a connection with the land south of the city boundaries of Amsterdam.

CONECTIVITY_Amstelstation CONECTIVITY_Amstelveen

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