Monday, October 29, 2007


There is a new weekly poll on my blog. Would you be prepared to change your 'normal' nationality bounded passport for a NOMADIC PASSPORT (global passport)? This would gain you instant acces to every country but you have to give away the symbol of your cultural Identity.

And for those who didn't see the movie yet of my wednesday 24th oct post, look at it it's amazing.

These are the results of last week:

Hotel (global)
2 (4%)
Hotel (local)
6 (14%)
7 (17%)
Local people
6 (14%)
9 (21%)
Rented Appartment
11 (26%)


jan said...

nice idea, but where's the advantage over my own nationality?
being national of a modern european country gives me lots of advantages that nationalities of lesser developed countries can only dream of.
where would a normadic nationality be situated in law and wheres the advantage?
who will get my ass out of a country when theres big trouble (e.g. a civil war etc)

DigiNomad said...

I think in this case it would be more of an advantage to people from lesser developed countries to get a Nomadic Passport. These passports would represent a global country. This country does not own any land but can hire it from existing nations and therefore establish a consulate and other facilities. This would result in the fact that having a Nomadic passport restricts you in paying taxes. You won't be able to live somewhere for a longer period but you can life anywhere. The accommodation is the biggest problem I think because not everybody will be able to afford living in hotels all the time.


The idea of nomadic passport is great but it points out to many new problems/solutions/rules and social issues. First, who is establishing this virtual country? A country needs a constitution, laws, a tax system to finance it, an official common language, benefit would be a social security system and retirement pension fund, rights on designated nomadic land, a specific juridiction, a nomadic police maybe with all the resistance that kind of thing would engender, etc. The UN is to some degree playing some roles on some of these issue. As a nomadic person I appreciate the fact that I can create my own safety net package and to some degree avoid paying taxes. I am subject to the laws of each country where I decide to reside... everything becomes a personal choice not pre-determined by any institution. While I see the poetry in the nomadic passport, I also see how annoying it would be for me to adhere to a single system.

jan said...

i think it would be an advantage to get a normadic status as an ad on to your regular passport.
which could be a worldwide working permit independent of local regulations. besides that you should be able to pic a country for paying your taxes, as you are not staying permanent in one single country.

DigiNomad said...

Thanks Nomaddesigner for mentioning the poetic aspect of the concept. In therms of law it would be almost impossible to get this thing nailed down. But I question in which degree a person would be possible to create his own safety net. Nowadays you can insure yourself for almost anything. If people would safe money to cover up their own problems, they would not only safe money (for now the profit goes to insurance companies) they would be more free. The problem would be to find a solution for the people that really have bad luck, you can't let them drown in their sorrows. But by covering this people will take more risk and the system fails again.

For people really living extreme nomadic lives I think it would be the most fair if they paid taxes for more than one country only than less. Maybe collected by a Nomadic organization spreading it again over different countries

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