Monday, October 29, 2007

The Business Class. NET

In Berlin Manu Kumar started a new network of office spaces for temporal office use. His first department is located in Berlin and offers complete office desks for rent, for the minimum staying time of 1 week en a maximum of 12 weeks. Besides a fully equipped workplace it also offers a place where you can meet equally minded people. Because it's locally embedded it knows it's links to local networks and can actively renew these links by new knowledge from new visitors. For the moment the only office is situated in Berlin. But by offering a franchise concept it soon should spread around the world. You cab book you temporal office space through a website that in the future connects all the different spaces in the world.

This concept is very inspiring because of the multiple possibilities it offers on a local scale to it's users and makes use of the Internet raising it's global interconnectivity.

For the real thing look at the webpage:

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