Friday, November 2, 2007

Niels Omad

Let me introduce to you Niels Omad. Niels has been invented last year to personify the DigiNomad. What was he like, what did he do and what were the problems and possibilities of his new lifestyle. In the mean time I am busy finding respondents to tell me about their experiences. This way Niels will not only represent my brainwaves but also a group of real-life people

Well this is Niels, or al least these are his personalia


Surname: Omad

Given Names: Niels

Date of Birth: 29 JUN 1980

Place of Birth: Amsterdam

Residence: Bruxelles

Personal no.: 131725932

Sex: Male

Height: 1,80m

In my thesis there is one whole week of his diary used as leading structure to all the facets of his life. For now I will only tell you the story, how he became a nomad

5 January 2010:

Today was one of those days that kept resonating for a long time inside my head. Not because something very special happened that day but because something happened that gave the opportunity to let special things happen in the future. My girlfriend went to the globe today. Not just for a vacation or a short meeting with some clients over there. No she went there for about 4 months. She had started her own architecture firm 5 years ago and without special effort she got projects all over the world. She already left Bruxelles quite often to discuss with her clients, but always came back after a few days. Now she entered the city she was designing for, the Global City. I couldn’t help it but I was jealous........

28 January 2010:

'I want to live in the same city as my girlfriend'. That's what I told my supervisor this morning hanging over my instant made machine coffee served in a paper cup decorated with 12 stars and the motto " In varietate concordia" (united in diversity). Yes I worked for the EU. ‘But your girlfriend is traveling at the moment, isn’t she’? Two big eyes stared at me. ‘No, she is living in the Global City’ was my response. I already suspected this question and prepared this sentences of course. My task by the EU was to initiate cultural projects. Projects exposing everything that was produced in the habitat of European cultures. For now this were mostly small localized projects about localized artists, organized in localized buildings. My proposal was to make these things mobile, changeable per location and get them outside Europe too. The idea was received with a lot of enthusiasm. I became a Global Citizen today, my Nomadic way of life had started!!!

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