Tuesday, November 6, 2007

How to move when I am working?

TUE 13 June 2010:
Yesterday it was my last day in the office again. I returned to Brussels two weeks ago after a monthly visit to New York. And this afternoon I left again to Amsterdam for 2 days in order to talk to some artist who participate in a European wide exhibition of famous artists who live or lived along the Thalys route. At the same time I could meet up with my memories again and visit some friends and family. As many employees I also do not have any personal office anymore in Brussels. I do have a guaranteed office-desk and all needed extra infrastructure in the building. I can reserve a certain spot trough the internet in advance or I can just walk into the building and ask for a place there. There is always an empty spot somewhere in the building. It’s always nice to be back in the office and see what everyone is doing.
Since I travel so much, I now work somewhere else everyday. Most important for the perfect work-spot is a WIFI connection. And although almost everywhere it is possible to connect to a WIFI network, there are still some blank spots, unfortunately. But almost all major cities are covered.
This morning I had the ultimate office experience. I forgot to close my curtains last night, a warm beam of sunlight woke me up and I wanted to taste the air outside. For breakfast I skipped my regular café and instead took of to a local Turkish Supermarket and bought some Turkish bread and fresh humus finished with the best take away coffee in town. With this survival package I headed of to Parc de Bruxelles. There I placed myself on a bench and created my own instant office. Ever seen an office surrounded by trees and covered with leaves. I had never worked in a more comforting atmosphere. I even had a WIFI connection.
I had to pull myself out of this comfort zone to catch my train connection to Paris. The Thalys these days really is a DigiNomads haven. There is WIFI on board and good fresh coffee. So my second instant office of the day emerged right in the there in the train. A long train travel from Brussels to Amsterdam now becomes a productive one. The cabin space miraculously turns in to an office for many people, for others it becomes a bedroom and children use it as a very cool playground.

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