Friday, November 9, 2007

How to move?

FRI 11 June 2010:
This morning I went by the headquarters, a huge building in the European Union (EU) quarter. I was again as always surprised by it’s monumentality. Only a few months ago I came in here every day, right now I passed by there like a real Nomad. Collecting new material (to provide myself with information) and leaving some material in exchange for a continuing salary. When I walked outdoors I bumped into a young Indian looking women carrying her suitcase in one hand and a fresh cup of coffee in her other. And of course this cup of coffee landed on her beautiful white blouse. ‘PODVERDOMME, waarom kijkt dat mens dan ook niet uit’ (Duch for: SHIT, why isn’t she paying attention). I immediately apologized in too many sentences. She responded surprisingly short and in perfect Ducth: ‘kan gebeuren’ (can happen). My brain made a anxious jump, never curse in front of a lady. How do you know I’m Dutch I immediately asked her. She answered: ‘for one people from Spain do not say ‘potverdomme’ and otherwise your tag says your name is Niels, not such a Spanish name either. Omad is still a mystery to my but maybe you can explain that to my after you directed my to a dry cleaner. I showed her the dry cleaner in the GlobSpot and took her for a lunch in a small very cosy cafe-restaurant only known by those people whom worked in Bruxelles for a longer period. We had a nice conversation when I suddenly realised that I had to catch my plane to New York this afternoon. I apologized again, again to many sentences. Before I left she asked my where the Berlaymont was. Well that was not such a difficult place to point out the route to. It’s the most iconic building of the EU quarter and visible from almost everywhere, situated along the largest axis (Rue de la Loi 200). I’m sure she found it, I fogot to ask her name............

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