Sunday, November 11, 2007

Network a basic need of the DigiNomads life?

SAT 12 June 2010:
Today is like that kind of day that everything seamed to have slowed down. It was a late night yesterday, promised Jake to deliver him the printable pdf this morning so he has enough time to prepare the presentation scheduled for Monday. The film night of Wednesday started to feel less and less appropriate. Although the late hour of yesterday it was an early morning today. I woke up and fall a sleep on the same day and so I felt in all the parts of my body. I got out of my cabin and although I was standing straight up it felt like I was crawling out of bed towards the refreshing room. Some water splashing in my face helped to get my brain worked on acceptable speed. First thing to do was grab a strong coffee at the nearest coffee bar. While walking my legs got straitened out and I was feeling my feet again. Suddenly a slowed down because of the smell of fresh coffee. I entered a satelite GlobSpot named SWITCH, it struck my how crowded it already was. And everyone was al lot more awake than I was, running in and out with his cup of coffee. Time to check my e-mail. On my PDA I already saw there were some documents send to my but I prefer to read them on my laptop. The welcoming ‘pling’ of the WIFI received on my laptop made my somehow finally wake up. And when I checked the time for the first time this morning. I suddenly perfectly understood why it was so crowded already. I forgot to change the time of my old but definitely fashionable watch after my flight of yesterday. I had slept trough my alarm clock. The minutes on my watch made sense but the hours told a different story. The planned meeting would start in about 15 min. Only way to get there in time is to take a cab. The most expensive way to travel but therefore the fastest. My speed went up and I just made it in time. The rest of the day my travel speed only seamed to accelerate in contrary to my brainpower getting slower and slower. At 13:00 it really was powernap time. Speed on zero, brainpower of. Sleep one hour, and get ready for a diner meeting this evening. I woke up at 17:00........
A Spiderweb just next to me. While sitting on a bench in Central Park I saw him busy fixing his new home and source for food gaining. He was a Nomad too. His network of threads kept him alive. Just like me
And again I had to speed up but I still was in a slow mode. Luckily I got saved by a system. A system that ain’t that visible but is always there. I agreed to meet at the central Globspot on Times Square. I took one of the CNT’s (City Network Train) to Time Square. After a few stops I slowly started to fade away in a fluffy dreamland. A beep in my pocket woke me up. Times Square was the next stop my PDA told me. The amazing gadet registered that I fell a sleep and was thoughtful enough to wake me up just in time. Saved by the bell. I walked onto Times Square and suddenly my PDA beeped again. Oh my god Peter had just entered the GlobSpot. If he saw me and Jake together he definitely would get suspicious. And this project should stay out off his reach and Jake didn’t knew that jet and I intended to leave it that way. I send Jake a text massage and made up some stupid excuse, I think it worked, I hope........

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