Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Work-rhythme against the Nomads melody?

WED 9 June 2010:
Wednesday, it was already halfway the workweek. The last weekend is still in your memory but you also think about the next already. Although the last couple of months since I do not work on the office anymore my life got a lot more differentiated. I can plan my free time whenever I like. This results in the fact that I spent evenings and sometimes weekends behind my laptop but also quiet gym classes around noon. And while sitting in a nice cafe with a beautiful view on a canal I can state that I like my new life.
This morning for example I used my new freedom on a way that never would have been possible a few months ago. I visited a good friend of me, still living in Amsterdam and played a game of squash with him. His technic had improved a lot since university. I stopped playing afterwards but he continued playing. I had no chance he was dancing on the court and i couldn’t even find a rhythm. Of course we hang out for lunch in a lunchcafe along the Prinsengracht (an Amsterdam Canal) and memories floated in front of my eyes. My appointments followed up in a continues movement. Sometimes changing direction a bit but always based on the basic rhythm of the day and night cycle and the cycle of the workweek. Because although I can schedule my own week from day to day without thinking of the difference about work and weekend days the largest percentage of working people have a sacred weekend. Weekends are therefor the best days to travel. You don't loose valuable time in which you could had have a very important conversation with somebody. But my freedom has enormously enlarged. After a hasty run to make it in time for my appointment this afternoon and a very heavy discussion with one of the artist about his sudden decision not to participate in the project, I was not capable to crawl behind my computer any more. Instead I decided to go to a Dutch new movie with an old friend. It became a late night in which I forgot my worries of the daylight.
The unbreakable rhythmic day of the working man that even can’t be fixed with a cup a soup against the melodious travel of a nomadic worker changes all depending on your mood.

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